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Closed: Izakaya beckoning and @ JR Tachibana

Closed: Izakaya beckoning and @ JR Tachibana

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Arrived at the last shop

But I remember the landlady’s face and Noren.
Chopstick Rest I remember seeing the pictures, but the other thing is, I don’t really remember…
Sashimi ravioli were big I feel like I was doing a Corcoli


Udon I ate?697202e3.jpg
Did you eat this one of them? I feel like I drank the broth.


Did you eat grilled shiitake mushrooms? There are three.

Cute chopstick rest.




↑ This photograph could not be completely restored.

Here we are, opening, my hometown is one person in detention.

When I was going to go home with another old man, I was left in a moment.

I’m surprised… that’s my best friend.

I remember that,;).

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Beckoning and the restaurant
Address: 1-7-1 Hanamachi, Amagasaki City
Phone Number:
Opening Hours:

Beckoning and the restaurant ( Izakaya / Tachibana station )

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