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Closed: self-made noodles-noodle turtle Eight @ Amagasaki R2 Super Ball delivery

Closed: self-made noodles-noodle turtle Eight @ Amagasaki R2 Super Ball delivery

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I had a little lunch with turtle Hachi.

It is on Route 2, but it is considerably more than the departure house.

Because it was lunch time, I can make a set meal with take ramen and + 200 yen.

The set meal is a setting of the fried chicken and rice and pickles to favorite ramen.

It is a soup that was quite mud and rich.


Thick and rich in chicken Gala.
It is a taste that the chicken is in the direction of the Wakayama-noodles, or the complexity of the whole country is lost.
I honestly did not expect this far, but in a passable good???

Noodles: I like hard noodles, but I like the texture of Hakata ramen, which is kind of powdery, even if I come out and eat soon.


This char siu is very thin and hardened… this is too bad. Is it a thin, hard work? I’m not sure what to do, but…

This fried chicken was usually delicious.
We Jusie to feel good.

It is an alternative ball,
This is a surprise!!! To be honest, the boil of the ball is very good,
I was very impressed with the texture which was different from the first noodles.
The first noodle I saw was a photo or a little bit of time for presentation.
From now on, I’ll ask you if you can order noodles hard.


This place is not so good.

The inside of the store was just a lonely state with two customers. What do you think of your neighborhood?

Next, I will visit to eat soba noodles.


Home made noodles Kamehachi ( Ramen / Deyashiki station , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) )

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