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Don’t lose to Kishiwada! Amagasaki Danjiri Matsuri (miya) @ Amagasaki/Deyashiki

Don’t lose to Kishiwada! Amagasaki Danjiri Matsuri (miya) @ Amagasaki/Deyashiki

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8/1/8/2 (8/2 articles in 2010 ) annual 300-year history Amagasaki culture, Amagasaki pls shrine summer festival

It was the Amagasaki Danjiri festival

8/1 in the Danjiri Parade (Miya)

According to the brochure

The significance of Miyairi depends on the idea that God will give him power by putting drums and ground cars on the shrine grounds.
God also likes to be lively like Kagura.

It is thought that there is a meaning to be pleased with God by performing the performance by the rampaging drums and the Danjiri.

Since 1961, the shrine had not been in place for about 30 years, but it was held in 1987
Revived by the efforts of the Miyairi is currently being held in the order of lay, Kitout, Nishi-Sakuraki, Higashi-Sakuraki, Shin-Sanwa youth Group, Nishi-machi, Misono-machi, and nanout.

After undergoing an exorcism from the shrine, the Tatsumi Taiko is transformed into a wild drum.


It is a drum to proceed while exorcism the way as the lead role of “crossing” which had been done in the festival before the war. It was also said to be an exorcist drum, and Tatsumi-Cho took on the drums from the early days. At present, the head of the parade is cut and it enters the palace.
After an exorcism in front of the front shrine, it turns into a rampaging drum. After shaking violently up and down,
Left to right, 90 degrees or more is knocked over many times.
The four strokes of a red silk bird-hat hood in the white suit are tied to the drum stand, and the role is to continue to knock the drums while being knocked down.
It is a drum unique to Amagasaki, which is brave than the pillow drum and the futon drum of other regions, and I want you to see it up close by all means.

From the pamphlet


Such a structural term is really difficult.

Day 2 8/2 fights of Danjiri
(It seems to say that the mountain match, and it does not come with the pin because it was said to fight from old times)

Also erudite style from the pamphlet

Until the Showa 10 ‘s, there was a custom of entering the shrine from the town where each town competed with the fight (current mountain matching) in the order to enter the shrine afterwards to the head of Tatsumi Taiko which was done in the evening of the eve. It is a rule that the person who puts the stick nose in the other party’s stick nose is won, and the Danjiri of the two groups who faced it (rises only in the frame of the back raising the front part).
Although it had ceased for a period of time since the late 1930s, the Amagasaki Civic Festival Land Car Preservation Association (current Amagasaki Land Car Preservation Association) was formed in 1972, and revived with the “Amagasaki Civic Festival” begins, The town of Danjiri, which was the fifth town at that time, is now nine towns combined with eight towns and Taiko towns. It is a desire of the person concerned to tell this brave festival which has been transmitted to the region for a long time and to make it more active.

Tatsumi Taiko (rampaging Taiko)


Kitout (Kitashinashiki)


Azuma Sakuragi (Higashi)

New Sanwa Youth Group (Shin-san)


Misono-Machi (miso-chou) I’ve missed a photo from here just before..;)

Minami exit (Minami-Miizashiki)

More than 8 Danjiri + 1 rampaging drums

Take care of the wires.


Children can also ride when they enter the temple.
8/2 It’s not going to be dangerous when you’re fighting.

It is troublesome to bend.

Because the Danjiri passes fast, it is not able to pass easily,
I’ve seen this guy for a long time.



Takane pls shrine

6-chome, Nishi-Honmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Summer Festival (Danjiri Festival) every year August 1-August 2, Danjiri appeared
Around 18:30 to 20:30?
8/2 is a mountain match (two opposing Danjiri) patrol the town until the night

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