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Eegaku Nagomi-an @ Higobashi subway station

Eegaku Nagomi-an @ Higobashi subway station

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Rush to Misarase
I came to Higobashi station by taxi this time. Five or eight minutes walk from the station
There is a good place to shop. )

Condominium? Building? There is this name: Wakan-san in the back of the.


Draft beer and the extras


Potato salad


The gold medal of the aroma of this skin is irresistible.


Yakitori White Meat Ume


Yakitori Kokoro Love and Heart


Other than cactus, biting and smelling like lettuce


I decided to put down the wine bottle with a voice of everyone’s tension climax.

Cold wine. It’s a little shot.

I’m a little greasy… it’s good meat with a piercing.

But because I ate a horse, I realized that I liked it more easily


I’ve been ordering you, H, I remember.
Do you want me to eat it? I feel like I drank soup, but I don’t remember loving.


It’s like eating noodles.


The dessert came out to the last.

I saw this was naughty,
I took a watermelon with yuzu pepper on my own.
It was too tight a spice for a watermelon.

It was all delicious… thank you for a pleasant feast.

After this, I returned to Hanshin Amagasaki and started to go to the tavern without being eaten anymore.


Ease reason and returned home.

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The Japanese ( Izakaya / Higobashi station , Watanabe-Bashi station , Yodoyabashi station )

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Charcoal-grilled and creative izakaya
Address: 18-23 Edobori 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Osaka
TEL: 06-6459-2500 FAX06-6459-2515
Opening Hours: 17:30 ~ 2:00 (LO: 1:00)
Closed: Sundays and Public holidays

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