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From five o’clock in the morning to the Tiger and the Dragon.

From five o’clock in the morning to the Tiger and the Dragon.

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I woke up around 3 o’clock and I couldn’t sleep when I was on the net… (~ _ ~;)

I’m hungry, so

Go blah blah a little stroll,

I decided to try ramen noodles in the morning when I was longing for some time.

The Tiger Dragon is coming near

When I see it suddenly, the old man is very cruel.

I want to borrow a restroom inside Lawson, but the old man who is just beside Lawson

I’ll do it inside.

Arrived at Hanshin Amagasaki’s Tiger Dragon

I arrived while I was thinking about that.

In my head, the Hotaranohikari flowed out!

The shutter is just slowly closing.

It’s still not so crowded until 6:30
Even if it is opened in the morning of the rise of the day,

Because the manager had said such a thing before
It was a bit like that, so I just gave up.


For a Walk

Hey Musit, but
I can barely take a walk in this temperature.

I heard a putsu from the uncle who is trying to catch a charrinko when I have it.

A crisp morning.



What can we do to dismantle this place? Condominium? It seems that the demolition cost took hundreds of millions of money.


It’s summer festival–Summer is free, so it’s good summer!


Who’s the drunken man doing this? Do you want to knock it down?


It appeared in Super Tamout. No particular use


A pretty big potato.
I do not know at all because Wojisan does not buy food.
Cheap? Let’s ask a certain wojisan

The side dish is a little left in the rest of yesterday, make sure not to sell lunch in the early morning

I can’t use it.

There was nothing I wanted… well, I felt a nun after a long time.

Will you sleep now?

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