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Is it a famous store in Dotonbori Osaka? @ Osaka Namba Shinsaibashi Nihonbashi

Is it a famous store in Dotonbori Osaka? @ Osaka Namba Shinsaibashi Nihonbashi

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This time, the walking powder of the Osaka Dotonbori neighborhood (Powder Heaven)
I’m not eating. m (__) m

This day is already hot, so the limit of two lines lined up

I tried to take a lot of shops lined up.
Kite-Yaki Eighteenth see: Gurunavi is the first place to be?

Osaka famous Dotonbori Red Demon


Kite Chang’s neighbor’s favorite Yaki Mizu

Do you become the first place to eat log of Takoyaki or YAHOO gourmet?

So no, I was on a tatejima39 ‘s blog -Pig the same place


I’ve eaten most of the shops in the past.

They were all soft and fluffy.

The crispy outside takes time and turns out to be bad.

It was a topic on TV news.
I don’t have a big picture Japan the Honke.

The purveyors of the tool muscle business

Interesting to go on a personal

I don’t know if it’s cheap, but…
If the room is not sticky in oil, I would definitely want a plate table

The trap to edit such a disturbing image, Mr. NR
I might not be able to do it anymore.

I love this kind of food sample!
I’m buying…

To the one that is put on the cell phone recently

Speaking of which, it was a kite-yaki shop.
I was able to experience making a food sample of Takoyaki by myself

I want to go once by all means

The hawk that feels nostalgic

There’s a free shuttle bus from Namba to the New world.

This is useful. Let’s use it next time.



Bought (^_^;)

The lover of Osaka…
Are you in Hokkaido?

It is not interesting this time because I do not eat?
So I will update again tomorrow. I’m sure…


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