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Itami Specialty Dumpling Specialty store Osaka King @ Hankyu Itami

Itami Specialty Dumpling Specialty store Osaka King @ Hankyu Itami

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A shop I’ve always wanted to visit.

The shop that had been told to go long ago…

The most ignorant land…

I didn’t know any other shops in this area.
I could not come here just for the shop…

The shop where dumpling-dori gathers

I came to Osaka king.

I was asked to be pulled by the teacher. )

Mr. Bowmore is also with a lunch of B. W (It’s been a while. )


There seems to be some store, but it is a bluff called Itami specialty (dead language? Also interesting


Two beers and dumplings.

I thought that I would try to be a full-fledged after this for a moment,
(There were only two people in the price list, so we could only ask for two of them.)

Because I wore it with great pains, it is two ago,

In a sense, a choice mistake…

It was not able to eat at all at the third shop of the stomach full. It is because it ate vigorously here.

Do you have a relationship with only two?;)
Like I want about 1/10 of the stomach of gal sone

When I drink beer and wait, two dumplings are arriving.

The skin of the surface is thick and crispy and burr,

The other skin is steamed and a very delicious dumpling dumplings… this is amazing.


I was busy on this day when I asked my teacher.

I heard that the grill was more sweet than usual.

Still wrapping… very satisfied.

If you were not busy, you would be better than this, and loving delicious!


In the enlarged photo again,

It seems to be the effect only by seeing.

It is delicious without putting anything on. Skin texture and sweet taste of bean paste


And when I put on the sauce, I just call the horrendously beer.

Our feast.

The ranking has come down is the limit? (~_~;)
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Gyoza Specialty store Osaka Wang Itami
Address: 1-9-16 Chuo, Itami-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 0727-73-0883
Opening Hours: 11:30-20:30 (as soon as it is sold out)
Closed: Open every day

Gyoza Specialty Store Osaka Wang Itami ( Gyoza / Itami Station (Hankyu) , Itami Station (JR) , Shin-Itami Station )

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