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It’s been a while. Noren… okonomiyaki @ Amagasaki

It’s been a while. Noren… okonomiyaki @ Amagasaki

Let me raise it to the top. (~_~;)
Thank you for your trouble, but please support me in a click every day. ) Plains?
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Unfortunately, if you come before

It was not easy to come to eat after the temporary closure.

It is the favorite Yaki Takahashi of the shop where the regulars gather so.

Speaking of which I was addicted here,

The poisoning symptoms that come to want suddenly every week after two or third times visited

I want the scent of this place again.

The ramen of Kamiza seems to be written as hamal when eating three times

When Mr. Takahashi came three times, Hamal … I was feeling that way.


The version up from the noren of plain white that did not write anything!!!

Handmade… cute Noren.


I’m not writing this new Noren name (important)

I can enter the series without the name still W

But I write it as small as you can see the okonomiyaki.

When you talk to me, this new Noren is handmade by customers.


When I entered the store, it was full of regulars.

Everyone peaceful in the circle of conversation today.

I’m not a good talker, but…

So i heard a thank you to the fool every time Bf.

Thank you very much for the beautiful picture. Inspiring
Because it was an article, I was able to have the chance to see the photograph to a friend in the country
I was very pleased with it.

For others who have done
Thank you so much for the bother from afar. It said and it was enthusiastic.

Mr. Takahashi, thank you for your new encounter.

So I heard.

Well, the food of the real issue,

Because it’s hot, I drink beer… regardless of temperature.


95% is always modern , but this time it’s different.

Order your favorite grilled squid

Really long time.

Squid Heaven It is better to put in absolutely , even in the modern!
This fragrance is important!

I hear the flexibility of anything with the double triple squid. This time is normal


It’s definitely delicious.

I’m still writing a fragrance article

When I recall, I really want to eat.

She is still active in the future, but I want it to continue

And fried Noodles
Because it eats, it is put on the source thin because it is child.

The noodles are good too, but I love it because I like it.

It was delicious. The Feast

As usual, shrewdly snack the dwarf

Thank you so much for your time.

An important shop that seems to cherish this space…

Now I’m getting less and more personal okonomiyaki shop of the house and the name of the hotel also crying

I want to cheer up the BF quietly.

Let me raise it to the top. (~_~;)
Thank you for your trouble, but please support me in a click every day. ) Plains?
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Okonomiyaki Takahashi
Address: 4-7-16 Higashi-Namba-cho, Amagasaki
Tel: 06-6489-4617
Opening Hours: 11:30 ~ 17:30
Closed: Thursday and Wednesday (open on holidays)
Okonomiyaki Takahashi ( Okonomiyaki/ Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) )


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