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Japanese food, standing drinking, JR Sumiyoshi station R2

Japanese food, standing drinking, JR Sumiyoshi station R2

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Arrive at the next store!
I walked from Hanshin Mikage to JR Sumiyoshi.

This is a drink of standing.

I ordered Shochu Rock as soon as I arrived at the shop.

I don’t have any food to order.

That???? I didn’t order it when everyone was talking. I’m too stupid to order you (^_^;)

Take care of yourself.


Kawachi Duck also order the meat tataki or you can stand drinking such delicious
Is there any way I can express myself?


Because I do not like the making of the shellfish of the oyster shell, it was well.
It became this because the other was sold out.


Deep fried chicken, seasoned with a thick eye salty soy sauce


If you look at the menu now, there is something you want to eat more.

After a long time, I felt actualy talking

It riots delicious ~

Well here around here, because there is still the next shop…

This also ( Standing Tavern Bar / SUMIYOSHI Station (JR/Rokko Liner) , Sumiyoshi Station (Hanshin) , Mikage Station (Hanshin ))

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