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Kuaina (KHUA’INA) Namba Parks @ Namba Parks

Kuaina (KHUA’INA) Namba Parks @ Namba Parks

Hamburger. I’m sorry. I couldn’t take it so well.

Small Avocado Burger (1/3LB)


This is a cross section ~ ~ Photos Sorry _ (. _.) 汗 But it’s so yummy ヾ (@ ⌒ ¬ ⌒ @) No ヾ (@ ⌒ ¬ ⌒ @) No Umais

But it takes ten to fifteen minutes, so it is difficult to have a spare time even if it is vacant.






Ah ~ ~ it was delicious ~ ~ Too full I did not speak too much today and was introduced to the shop

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Kuaina (KHUA’INA) Namba Parks Store
Address: 2-10-70 Namba Parks 6F, Namba, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Opening Hours: 11:30 ~ 22:30 Last Order 22:00
Closed: none (unless Namba parks is closed)
Tel: 06-6635-1610

Ameba Ichi Press Gourmet information guru Bro in attendance

クアアイナ KUA `AINA なんばパークス店Cuaina KUA ‘ AINA Namba Parks store
Address: 2 ‐ 10-70 Namba Park 6F, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Tel: 06-6635-1610
Rating: 【 4 】

Kuaina Namba Parks store ( Hamburger / Namba Station (Nankai) , Osaka Namba Station , Kintetsu Nihonbashi station )

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