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Kurenai (Event Mukogawa-SOU bal 2011) @ Hankyu Mukogawa-so station

Kurenai (Event Mukogawa-SOU bal 2011) @ Hankyu Mukogawa-so station

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There are many shops that are out of the menu for Mukogawa-Sou bar

I walked here and there, and baked oden arrived at the main shop, Beni and San,

Here again.

Cold weather

But without discouraged


A knock of meat came out. It was dark in the shop and I couldn’t shoot well. Excuse me

It is a tasteful shop with a thin seasoning.


It might be good for Bland’s favorite woman.


A thin of boiled vegetables with deep sauce in the middle: bagna cauda
It is the one to eat for the first time.

And I forgot what to drink, but a strawberry smoothie drink.
I feel embarrassed if the old man drank hare.

Beni and
Address: 1F, 1-22-23 Plaza, Minami Mukogawa-sou, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 06-6432-3131
Opening Hours: 18:00 ~ 29:00
Closed: Irregular

To the next store

Beni and ( Oden / Mukogawa Onsou station )

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