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Marble Marble (Marble Marble) @ Hankyu Koudonen Station

Marble Marble (Marble Marble) @ Hankyu Koudonen Station

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The shop which had been keeping an eye on the way back of the Shinkansen park was full.

We decided to go into this fashionable café bar!


Fresh pasta set (homemade bacon, amatriciana)

I don’t know any more difficult words than horizontal letters, but I was attracted by homemade bacon.

I do not understand it because I do not usually eat so much that there is raw pasta and delicious.
Is it near the one with the waist of Kishimon?


This bacon-rich smoked–it smells good
This recommendation


We also have a drink.





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Shop blog:

Marble Marble ( Bar / Koudongen station , Incheon station , door misfortune God station )

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