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No name Chinese Restaurant Shin-chan @ Hanshin Amagasaki

No name Chinese Restaurant Shin-chan @ Hanshin Amagasaki

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There is a famous dumpling and Mr. In the neighborhood in the back (south) in Amagasaki City and the temple town.

When the dumplings are sold out, the noren of torn tattered.

A really thin narrow shop

A shop that is known only in the neighborhood

Pretty deep.

Because the timing was bad, a lot of orders of the visitor were…

I’ll wait for a while with a beer.

It is a fun story with the regulars who are pretty old-looking shopkeepers. Is that your son? I’ll help you next door.

Baked dumplings two people arrive before.

Because it was far away, I could not clearly see it, but I boiled it in a frying pan and threw water on the way.

A fusion of crunchy crunchy texture and tenderness of the skin there is plenty of garlic.



大人しく一言美味しかったIn addition, water dumplings full-fledged order
The soup is salty, but the skin is too hot.


Besides this, there seems to be actually a back menu… dumplings are too busy to be put on.

大人しく一言美味しかったThe inside of the shop is narrow and the floor is rickety and the chair does not stabilize… really deep

大人しく一言美味しかったCan you noren the torn squid?

The dumplings are sold out by the evening, so the shop closes with the gyoza.
It’s OK to take a takeaway, live or bake.

Chinese food New-chan
Address: 96 Higashi Sakuragi-Cho, Amagasaki
Tel: 06-6411-5975

Opening Hours: 11:00am until the dumplings are sold out
Closed: Mondays * open for public holidays

New Chan ( Chinese Restaurant , Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station )

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