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No Name Takoyaki shop Mitsuyo @ Hankyu Tsukaguchi North

No Name Takoyaki shop Mitsuyo @ Hankyu Tsukaguchi North

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It is an off meeting of my hometown’s meeting to eat lightly. It’s been updated for a few days.

All the Hankyu Tsukaguchi series are the same day. The last shop is a nameless Takoyaki shop
I just don’t like the sign up.

Five is 100 yen. The source, the soy sauce, the salt, and the mayonnaise are made various things as the customer likes.

The regular-only, well-baked order! The surface of Takoyaki is really delicious.
A favorite Takoyaki appeared after a long time ^ ^


Until a few years ago, there was a shop in the line of the mansion, Mr. Tamura,

It is because the takoyaki there is eaten from a small time, even if it becomes a big-chan, even now

I want to eat it, but since the shop is gone, I am very glad that the takoyaki of my choice did not appear.

I’m just looking at the pictures and I want to eat again!


Now in soy sauce!


The Do not sow of the regular Mr. My hometown’s unique came out ~ Thailand. I did not think that I eat fish with Takoyaki and Mr. Surprised!


Salt mayonnaise It’s so yummy, right? It is good. I wanted to eat only salt and green seaweed.


Chuhi Lemmon I’ll do the chanpon on this day too!



I can also have it in the shop, but it is scattered. Almost 90% or more is like takeaway.
I’ll be there in the next.
It was fun to eat takoyaki of various flavors-it is perfect if there is a ti to be eaten in the Akashi-yaki style ~
If you go that far, you’re extravagant.

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Mitsuyo ( Takoyaki / Tsukaguchi Station (Hankyu) , Tsukaguchi Station (JR) )

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Shop name Takoyaki Mitsuyo

Address 1-6, Tsukaguchi Honmachi, Amagasaki, Hyogo
Do you have a phone number?

Business hours: Around 11:30 am to 10:30 pm, around 19:00-22:00

Closed Irregular Holidays ( Note: A little market is held on the third Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 )

Map Http://

Transportation Hankyu Tsukaguchi Station North exit 2-minute walk
Home page, reference site, etc.

Eating log ( takoyaki / Tsukaguchi Station (Hankyu), Tsukaguchi Station (JR))

From the north exit of the Hankyu Tsukaguchi,
It is in the place where the railroad crossing at the station side of the Itami line is the back of the shop.

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