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Noodles Umeboshi noodles @ JR Fukushima

Noodles Umeboshi noodles @ JR Fukushima

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I had something to do in Umeda on Sunday, so I came after a long time!

I was going to go to another house.
I think it’s closed on Sundays, so hurry off at Hanshin Fukushima station
It’s a one minute walk.

It was close to the opening hours and I immediately put it in the shop on Sunday in the business district.

Umeboshi Noodles (plateful)

This umeboshi is very sweet and soft umeboshi with a slightly sour feeling.
It spreads the feeling and sweetness of a refreshing umeboshi when I apply it to the SAG.
Because I like it well, I think that it is good here occasionally.

I think that I wrote noodles before, but it is a feeling that the fragrance is not felt strong up there by the noodle which has the waist.


The char siu is soft and delicious.


I forgot to put black seven taste today. I was going to put an accent in the last one, but…;)

I put the soup discount, and the hot soup discount was completed when I turned on the baked stone


Simmering ~ ~ ~




This is the time to be worried about rice vinegar.


It’s the noodles.
Address: 1F Fukubiru, Fukushima 5-6-11, Fukushima-ku, Osaka
Opening Hours: 11:30 ~ 14:30/17:00 ~ 24:00
Closed: None
Tel: 06-6452-3380

It ‘s the noodles. ( Noodles / Fukushima station , Shin-Fukushima station , Nakanoshima station )

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