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Ramen River Fujiya Koshien Shop @ Nishinomiya-Hanshin Koshien station (Daiei B2F)

Ramen River Fujiya Koshien Shop @ Nishinomiya-Hanshin Koshien station (Daiei B2F)

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I have been induced here by a directive of some .

Because I had an errand rather than just…

Recently, we have updated the order of eating and walking slightly in the mood.

It is a ramen shop of the former Hanshin Tigers River Rattan.

It is located on the second floor of Daia underground station near Koshien Stadium.

Mr. Kozo Ogawa: Is the market value good? I will definitely not order

Fried chicken set with handsome ramen


The soup is a ton knack of sugahya, the smell of bonito is a little additional feeling.

I felt that it was a regular ramen that everyone received.

Not too good, not too bad

Especially the features that have jumped out, because there is no surprise, I do not meet the ramen people are different.

It seems that this man is not able to choose noodles of noodle, Hamaze can choose from two kinds

This mega-fried chicken is taste from ramen in private,

It is freshly fried and the taste is soaked, and I think that it matches a beer considerably.

The seasoning is a little thick. That’s where the beer fits. I didn’t drink this time, but…

I think that it is good for the attendant of Koshien, and a high beer of Koshien in takeaway.

The size seems to be considerably large with one 100g, and take away 500 yen

It would be better to buy five in Koshien?

(I do not like the feeling that starch is a little too much fried starch in the mouth.

It is a story of the favor. There is only a attendant of Koshien.



The time trial menu of Spring Corps Osamu Ramen is also
Try to challenge someone… For more details, please on the website.




I guess many Hanshin fans will visit before Koshien

I’ve been down here before…;)
Enjoy the update-there are times when you become very sick.

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Ramen Kawafuji-ya daiae koshien StoreRamen/Koshien StationKuhigawa StationNarao Station

Address: B2F daiae Koshien Store, 3-3 Koshien-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 0798-48-7888
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00
Closed: None
HP → (Http:// check.

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