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Restaurant/Sake Shop Yamasaki Amagasaki Chuo Store @ Amagasaki Chuo Shopping street

Restaurant/Sake Shop Yamasaki Amagasaki Chuo Store @ Amagasaki Chuo Shopping street

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The old new sound instrument of Amagasaki central shopping street
I visited Mr. Yamaoka for lunch.

A musical instrument shop transforms into a tavern in a large box. The first floor sells the ingredients of a rare food crocodile and ostrich.
It is very interesting to watch.

It is a wholesale shop of the business food originally, and it is feeling that it is expanding the shop there.

Steak Bowl Order 880 yen

Is it an Aussie beef? This fragrance is a little thinner but soft. The sauce is delicious too.

North Sea how much rice bowl 780 yen This time the service price of 480 yen how much do you think this price is happy?

Flyer: You might want to eat a lot of interesting things escargot…



The second floor of the store is narrow and hard to enter impression…
There’s a past that’s been different about twice since I saw him.
If you get used to it, maybe it’s a great spot.

Let’s come to the night and eat bizarre oddities’s ingredients.

Gourmet Tei (耶倶) Yamantei
Address: 4-118 Kanda Nakadori, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo
Tel: 06-6415-0888
Opening Hours: 6:30 ~ 23:00

Closed: 2nd Tuesday of every month

Restaurant and Sake shop Yamasaki Amagasaki Chuo ( Izakaya / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin) , Deyashiki station )

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