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Spain Bar Sebasuke (Spanish basketball) @ Hanshin Mikage Ekimae

Spain Bar Sebasuke (Spanish basketball) @ Hanshin Mikage Ekimae

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In the last continuation, Doorsfrom in the Kobe City Mikage

I have been to a stylish place in the entrance of the alley in the lion’s Hall.

There are many kinds of tapas (small dishes) that are rich in wine.

First of all, I chose tapas and I can choose the five assorted.

I chose


The familiar Arioli sauce of the boiled potato and I do not remember drunk but everything was so delicious

The taste of the foreign country in the Galician style of the Akashi octopus

Steamed of red wine-flavored pigs

Ebisu Pumpkin Ariori sauce I think that I ordered two pieces too much….

Spain Omelet This is a Spain, and the soup of the Japan is the one of the dashi.


Sweet 25 of white, but it was the one with refreshing fresh taste. It’s easy to drink. Next is red.

White wine Menu


Very recommended
Jamon Iberico Spain is made of only 18 months old black pig prosciutto

This was loving delicious. It’s expensive.
The next time I came together, I do not know the taste, but I want to taste the sake without drinking too fast!

What number of red wine did you do? No. 43 or 9, 21, 22… it was a guy who was at least 600 yen in any of the. It was the happiest moment for me to meet this prosciutto.

Tara’s albino bread tapas I wanted to ask for prosciutto and cheese.

This is certainly the number 11 and was a lot of amount but I felt that it was delicious but fell because it was too good in my taste earlier. It was cheaper here…




There was also a cocktail here at Mukogawa-so bal here is a challenge sangria back.

It’s good to drink.

This is a menu of dishes. Click to enlarge

It was a very fashionable feeling. It was a nice experience.

Will I be lying next time?

Spain Bar Sebasuke ( Spain Cuisine / Mikage station (Hanshin ), Sumiyoshi Station (Hanshin) , Ishiya-Gawa station )

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