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Standing drinking House Lion Hall @ Hanshin Mikage Station

Standing drinking House Lion Hall @ Hanshin Mikage Station

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We arrived around six in the evening, but we had a procession of about ten people. (-_-;)

It is a popular shop indeed.

There is one coin set from five to six, and the guest is still inside, and it seems to drink.

Waited for forty minutes (^_^;

If you go inside, it’s not a counter but a beer case, so it’s crowded.
(The counter was free, so it was transferred.)

First of all, beef tataki 380 yen


If you do a regular Izakaya-san, how about 600 yen? I dusty a little muscle, but considering the price is good after all


To tell the truth, I ordered the cow tataki by mistake, and the purpose was to ask for the Lion King size bifsteak.

The Beef X2 is like a fierce animal, and the old man and the geek brother seem to be satisfied.


It is insisted that it is good only by seeing. This is good for 380 yen.

The roll out was delicious.


Pork kimchi was like immersed in soup instead of stir-fry.



This time, but I lined up, because I came to the shadow of great pains, the next shop also came,
It’s a little bit of a hair pull, but…
I’ve met a good store.



Oh yes, think of someone who has seen it somewhere five minutes…
Kansai Local, Good morning morning sun. On Saturday,
The woman who came out was lined up in front of the storyteller, the Russian troupe.

Standing drinking House Lion Hall ( Izakaya / Mikage Station (Hanshin) , Sumiyoshi Station (Hanshin) , Sumiyoshi Station (JR/Rokko liner) )

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