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Tajima Beef Yakiniku Rich lunch grilled meat set (for the better) @ Hankyu Tsukaguchi Station

Tajima Beef Yakiniku Rich lunch grilled meat set (for the better) @ Hankyu Tsukaguchi Station


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I heard that there is a lunch in the rich of yakiniku of the long-established popular Yakiniku restaurant of Hankyu Tsukaguchi,

C class quiet bf that is never rich has been doing.

I’m nervous.

When I visited the night,

I have heard that it is not allowed to make a reservation.


Walk to the west along the railroad line from the south exit of Hankyu Tsukaguchi station. Then we arrived here (before the railroad tracks)

I arrived at 11:00 today.
Lunch menu.

I also care about the grilled noodle curry with rice.
A set of chin streaks…

Papa who seems to be easy in the store greeted me.
I have a draft beer for both the giraffe and the Asahi. Truly rich.

I don’t know much about the two draft beers.

This time I have a giraffe (I’m not particularly particular about it) and will be delicious (^^ ♪


There is also the choice of a stone-baked curry in a regular menu lunch only.
How about ★ Ramone of the Curry strengthening month (^^ plains?

There seems to be a course full 3980 yen and 5000 yen to leave besides this menu.
When I was in charge of the specialty of this shop, I heard about peace of mind.


Drink Menu

Later Satsuma special Shiranami Donryu More (^^ plains?

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a drink with a souvenir from my old dad.

-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I put out a fine tajima beef with such a beautiful sasi crept


Moreover, it brought the small gluttony Dwarf (Cotonasiku).
I’ve only ordered one, but I have a lot in it.

Thank you Master

This is a quiet service. I wrote out, is your child friendly?

I usually eat only the hormone, but I do not know the taste of good meat, Sumaessen

But I can see the meat that I just saw!!!


The Himalayan rock salt board? Came out!
I put a lemon on it and put it on the meat and eat it.

Enjoy salt favorite and Himalayan rock salt taste ~ ~ ~


Wow-Korea This is absolutely service

The master who does not say service

It is very generous master handsome.
Maybe it’s just as shy as me?

Then appeared seaweed soup,
Rice Tenko Prime

It is the second CUP of draft beer. Take more gasand spend a little money.
I want to give it to you,
If you think about the amount of rice, you can still drink two cups of white-wave (shochu);) ‘m sorry

Now the meat is coming.

I baked it in a big way.


I like to bake the surface.


Immediately squeeze the lemon on the rock salt
The pointed feeling of the salt is not too severe,

This board is very good because it becomes a good shimei exactly!
In addition, I love the mellow of the Himalayan rock salt.

Meat melts in the mouth because it is really that sasi.
Such a good meat, how long I would have eaten before, and luxury to lunch

-Sorry Readers

This time it is a sauce, and the salt and pepper next to it?
There is a different scent of salt.

This sausage is good quality, too.
The skin is crisp, and the feeling that it cuts, and it responds firmly in biting,

I felt a commitment to all the meat.

1,500 yen is a low income I think from a normal lunch is high,
It is too cheap for this content (high quality meat).

I would also like 980 yen, I want a menu of hormones

If you have any questions, please contact BF

G Mail It is accepted in.
Thank you for your inconvenience.

Condition of Yakiniku
Address: 1-2-8 Minami-Tsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki
Tel/FAX: 06-6428-7750
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00 (May CLOSE from 14:00 ~ 16:30)
Holiday: Open all year round (New Year’s Day only)
Homepage:Http:// seems to be able to mail order meat.
Contact us by email, phone or FAX

Yakiniku Rich ( Yakiniku / Tsukaguchi Station (Hankyu) )

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