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The Heat

The Heat

In a certain place, the old man (best friend) and two people in secret meeting.クラッカー

90 minute gameカラオケ

The guy who loves music and fights with the old man who knows a recent tune well

The Johnny’s and the old man who attacked in a new song comparativelyカラオケ

I’m not defeated… reverse old match (Kondo Masahiko) and Maniac Band, and fight back with BO φ WY

However, even if it loses ビールお酒 , it is a wins here.

And at the end of the annual two Boys Corps feverメラメラカラオケ

Two hours, a lot less than 90 minutes.

A certain old man who has one discount ticket on weekdays.

A few hundred yen for your account.目

Jumkara Jumbo Karaoke Square Hanshin Nishinomiya Store
Address: 1F-4F, 15-8 Rokushoji-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
TEL: 0798-33-8788
Opening Hours: 11:00 ~ 29:00
Parking: Available for up to 3 hours free of charge

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