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The House of the Standing drinking bee @ Osaka Kitashinchi

The House of the Standing drinking bee @ Osaka Kitashinchi

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The new ground was blanketing at the speed of the threat at four Shinchi ladder and 2 Tachibana in less than 10,000 yen

First of all, bought is a small standing-up shop near the station immediately.

There was no special menu, so we were able to enjoy sushi in Shinchi.

The mackerel
I ate it in a moment-it is time to move to the next store.

Enjoy the new land even in low income! Bought

I couldn’t get a good picture… it’s raining pretty dark

We will go into Kitashinchi in the next shop without discouraged to rain.

It’s not related to it, but it’s a tough wallet… real.

To my hometown-san
I’m pretty drunk at the next shop’s Shochu rock and I don’t remember the last one at all.
I’m not being rude, are you? It was fun!

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Bee House
Address: 1-11-16 Sonezaki shinland, Kita-ku, Osaka
Tel: 06-6345-1230
Opening Hours: 17:00 ~ 26:30 (L.O.26:00)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Bee House ( Izakaya / Kitashinchi station , Higashi-Umeda station, Nishi-Umeda Station )

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