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The name of the nameless Takoyaki-oka @ Amagasaki-shi Higashisakuragi-machi

The name of the nameless Takoyaki-oka @ Amagasaki-shi Higashisakuragi-machi

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Yes, let’s go to Mr. Oka.

How many years have you been eating in stores since high school?

Recently, I have to go and eat, but…

Once upon a time there were ten hundred yen shops in Amagasaki,
Such a shop, it does not exist at all anymore

But even in this recession, there are some shops that have been working hard to make it seven hundred yen.

Yes, it is the name of the octopus-Yaki shop oka.

The octopus is very small, but it’s good to set it cheap.
It is very popular.


The place where the car does not pass so much in the shop in the temple town.

I’ll eat this and get to the pool.
As always , the customers are still full. ,

There is not unusual change when I look in the purse, only 5000 yen bill (^_^;)

There is no change here, it feels awkward, go to the convenience store to break? I’m worried.

I don’t have time. I can’t wait any longer… next time.

I come to eat takoyaki again.
I’m sorry, I don’t have a picture of Takoyaki.

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Takoyaki Hill
Address: 16 Higashi Sakuragi-cho, Amagasaki city
Tel: 06-6412-4764
Opening Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00
Closed: Irregular

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