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The sea in Amagasaki

The sea in Amagasaki

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I could not go to the kite-yaki of the last Oka-san.
While being pretty down in the hair

I bought a cigarette at a convenience store many times and tried to repay it,

It was too hot to go back and I lost my energy.

And to the Amago (pool)

I don’t think there is a bus from Hanshin Amagasaki Station…;)

It’s a little bad for a midget (Kotonasiku), but I don’t feel like going there…


There are a lot of people waiting on the other side of Lawson below the station. To nun Lago safely in a crowded bus


Because it is too daytime, the time zone that most people are…

Photo Bucket Pool

At the top right of the photo, a paddle bucket overturned every few minutes, and the water begins to spill at once. The most fragile pool… Whoa, you like that bucket?

A pool of artificial waves and a swimming pool, water slides are amazing people playing…

Well, I can’t put up with my stomach, so let’s have a good meal before entering.


I’ll buy meal ticket.


The specialty of Koshien has never eaten at Koshien

The squid baked in the shop of Takoyaki and squid was not limited to 30 anymore

I was able to escape in the Oka-san before. It is lined without expectation to taste.


It’s hard in hot weather. 

From Hanshin Amagasaki and from Hanshin Deyashiki and Amagasaki Center pool

I found a bus on the Internet website.

Hurry to the center pool and move to the train.

However, everyone knows well, and is lined up only here well.

Well, first of all, I have a cup

Now it’s a big one everywhere, soft outside and inside, octopus baked


I didn’t expect it at all, but I think I’m going to eat takoyaki right now.

Because it is too much, it cannot be lifted with chopsticks.

It’s really hungry and it’s too hot to eat.


Fried and American dog with another beer

These people will not buy it as expected.

It’s like a pool.

It’s getting hot and I want to go home.

I was going to peel my nose;) I was worried.

What time do you play with one person?… a pool of unreachable waves aren’t you scared?

The day before that, the Amagasaki Civic Pool (Awara Park Civic Pool)

Hard, huh? I play well.

Since I woke up at a strange time in the middle of the night, I don’t have enough sleep.

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Amagasaki Sports Forest Amlago
Address: 43 Ogimachi, Amagasaki City
Tel: 06-6412-1655
FAX: 06-6430-5556
Price, opening hours, business period, free shuttle bus is on the WEBSITE ↓

Water Park Amarlago Food Terrace ( Other / Mukogawa Gawa complex mae station )

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