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There’s a hare in the Sizzeriyah.

There’s a hare in the Sizzeriyah.

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I came to Sai Zelia
How many times do you eat escargot? Maybe I’ve only eaten twice, so what did I do?
I came with interest.


Recently, the raw ham which waits is also ordered considerably, and it is good. It’s a pretty expensive dish in saizelia, isn’t it?


I love this bread. It’s very delicious. I like this!


Escargot appeared!!!


It is easy to eat because something is not understood. Garlic works well.


Recently I’m waiting for wine… here we are. Decanter (500ml) 370 yen or so.
Well, it’s a decent taste, but maybe this is good for a tea monk like me.


More Tomato cream Spaghetti Yes frozen seafood mix smell I think this price is convincing.
It’s not seafood.



Sizzeriya is really cheap.

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Saizeriya Amagasaki Nishi-Nagasu Store ( Italian / Amagasaki Station (Hanshin))

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