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Tiger’s best Chinese food @ Amagasaki Nishi-Oshima

Tiger’s best Chinese food @ Amagasaki Nishi-Oshima

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You always take me to many places.
The My hometown teacher gave me a delicious meal other than ramen noodles at a ramen shop.

I was disturbed by the most popular ramen shop Tiger first in Amagasaki.

Thank you very much, Mr. My hometown.

Because the place of the shop is away from the station, there will be only a car, a bus or a taxi.
However, it is a very popular shop in this remote place.

I remember a few years ago that ramen was very delicious.

I was waiting for a bottle of beer to inflate the expectation.

The first thing that came out was a shrimp dumpling, which is probably a regular menu.
I’m sorry I didn’t take the menu this time. m (__) m
There was a large shrimp in it.
I miss it if it is small any more, but just a good size matching dumplings


I don’t think it’s on the menu.
I don’t know the name of the dish, but

Steamed chicken with lightly fried leek: soy sauce and vinegar with a slightly sour taste. It is delicious to eat a refreshing


It is fried. The sweet vinegar is tangled and it melts very juicy.


I thought it was grilled rice when I first saw it.
It is a dish that the one that the vermicelli was finely fried like the fried rice.
I’m really surprised!!! I thought about the idea of the cook who was able to do such a thing.

It is delicious, and the texture of the vermicelli is Petit.

I do not know this because I do not eat, but it seems

I’m already full of tummy. A bottle of free bottle of beer is lined up at the counter.

The beer is piled up in the tummy. I’ve been drinking so much beer.

Oh ~ ~ ~ Delicious All ~ ~ ~ ~


Talking and the master seemed to have done a Chinese cook long ago, and
I am convinced that I can make various delicious dishes only this.

The master has a small voice
“Come” and embarrassed,

It is playful to see from me younger.

The number of words with other customers is small, but it is respond to Daishi.

I think that it is good when the recommendation is removed a busy time.

A word I was curious to enter Koshien tomorrow
Tiger is the best tiger is the year of the Tiger, in fact Hanshin Tigers fans,
There is no such thing as a fan.
However, Hanshin fans will come to eat on the way back to Koshien regardless.
Because a tiger is a character, it haunts.

Master now came out in the story with the shrimp Chile
I want to eat ramen after a long time.
Is ramen natural?

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Tiger first
Address: 1-2-3 Oshima, Amagasaki City
Tel: 090-6320-6345
Opening Hours: 18:00 ~ 24:30
Closed: Monday

Tiger First ( Other / Mukogawa Gawa station , Tachibana station , Amagasaki Center pool mae Station )

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