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What’s going on? No problem? @ Tiger and Ryu Amagasaki Kanda store

What’s going on? No problem? @ Tiger and Ryu Amagasaki Kanda store

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A Tiger and a dragon… Amagasaki Kanda Store

It’s been a few days lately………….

It hurry to be honest here, but it’s going to be a pain… 😉 (T_T) (No. )cb3467b5.jpg


What’s going on?

Mr. Manager?あせる

It’s good if you’re out at the head office, but it’s not written as closed.

Please let me know if anyone knows the information.

2011 3/27 The business hours have been changed due to a shortage of personnel.

Address: 3-38 Kanda Kita-dori, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo 660-0883
Tel: 06-6412-7288
Opening hours: 21:00 ~ AM7:00
Closed: Open every day

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