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Yokohama game at Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Yokohama game at Hanshin Koshien Stadium

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I came to cheer after a long time ~

Followed by a sultry day. Can you beat the economy and relieve stress?

I’ve been drinking a lot of beer while watching the splendid watering of the Hanshin gardening.

Do you want to drink mixer or high?

Well, let’s get excited.

The first point is about 10 minutes after the game starts!

There is momentum.

I also swallow



This beer is a beer in a plastic bottle that can be brought into the stadium which I bought at the Daiae Koshien store. 260 yen is the price, but it is not delicious after all… almost no smell of wheat… Japan beer?

I like Belgium beer or something.


I can not forgive this fried noodles bought in this Daia… I definitely buy only baseball spectators.

I’m just going to count the cabbage.

Because I had to meet, there was no time, and I bought it without the room to choose in the queue at the checkout, but still failed


After all, because it is unsatisfactory

The yakitori and the squid legs tempura of this koshien specialty are not allowed to be outside

The atmosphere that I eat skewers is a gap.
350 yen is high and the bird has a lot of skins, but I always want to eat this one.

In addition, you can do the scratch card of the beer 700 yen draft beer Fair.
It’s good, Japan beer is good.


I was lucky to have hit a can badge from another blogger’s article.

I thought that it was not supposed to hit, but it was good that there was no greed, and hit only one full!!!

I was lucky in a strange place (weep)

Small luck.

If you’re drunk, eat and drink, you’re already lucky seven in the back.

I’m very happy to cheer you up, but it’s too hot to drink.


Oh, I won.
The big chorus of Rokko grated after a long time.

Well, early cousin

I left the gate thinking it was tough tomorrow, but I forgot to exchange tickets for beer.

If you try to do it again from the nearby entrance, a security guard says that you cannot enter.プンプン

Other people are getting in, but I was able to stop the family well (~ _ ~;)

Bite me in drunken momentum,

Tickets for the campaign What do you think?

I did not know, and I called the security guard of the cheer without relying.

I didn’t like the attitude of the guy who was previously very hateful.

I don’t like the feeling I’m doing…

The person of the support respond it well, and it will be able to bring it to the person in charge of the batch.

I think it’s really important to say the words. It is business with the visitor. It is not only to protect.

It was not that I wanted the badge very much, but I wanted it to be a human correspondence.

But I reflect on myself, adults quietness everything, but I’m not so terribly angry

Sorry, I had trouble with the security guard.

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